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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cycle Clipboard Ring SQL Server 2016

We have a new feature “Cycle Clipboard ring” in SQL Server management studio SSMS 13.0.16100.1. This new feature of SSMS allows you to toggle between what you have copied on the clipboard.
For example, if you copy something from one query window;

select * from Table1

Then copy another command from another query window;

select * from TableName2

Now open a third query window and press CTRL+SHIFT+V; you will see one of the items from above. Keep holding CTRL+SHIFT and re-press “V” and you will see other item from the clipboard. This happens as the anything copied on the clipboard, it goes into the ring and it keeps rotating with the key combination on CTRL+SHIFT+V.
PS: Anything copied outside from SSMS before opening SSMS is also the part of this ring.

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