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Friday, November 8, 2013

Why DBAs should have basic knowlede on PowerShell? Or Shell Programming?

Often people ask this question. Well, you can accomplish many administrative tasks without effort using PowerShell. For example automating repeating tasks like;
1.     Improved knowledge of .NET, so that one can talk more intelligently to the Application Developers.
2.     Learned how to use Server Management Objects (SMO) to automate database-related tasks.
3.     Learned about Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), allowing us to query one or more servers for a piece of information.
4.     Become more comfortable with object-oriented programming.
Possible scenario:
Following are the list of possible scenarios where DBAs can use powershell to make life easier.
1.     Managing Multiple Servers using PowerShell
2.     Automating Repetitive Tasks
3.     Checking Versions of SQL Server on Multiple Servers
4.     Reconciling Actual Database Inventory with Internal Database Inventory
5.     Remove BUILTIN\Administrators Group from the Sysadmin Role
6.     Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Tasks
7.     Browsing the Win32 WMI Classes
8.     Checking Disk Space
9.     Checking what Services are Running on a Server
10.  Is IIS Running on your SQL Server? Oh, No!
11.  Browsing the SMO Classes
12.  List the members of the sysadmin role on a server
13.  List the Local Administrators on a server
14.  Find a Login or AD group on Multiple Servers
15.  Check for failed SQL Agent jobs on multiple servers
16.  Checking for installed Hot Fixes
17.  Finding a Port Number
18.  Generate a Random Password

19.  Checking that Database Backups are Current on Multiple Servers

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